Travel Assistance Services:

AWAS.LTD offers various services to individual travelers and groups, including hotels, travel agencies and tour operators which want to offer to their clients the most comfortable holiday.

MedWatch Assistance commitment is to provide you with unparalleled professionalism and value in travel

We are dedicated to provide you with the best service in the travel industry in EUROP AND MIDDEL EAST, including:


  1. Pre-Travel Advice( Example: Visa information)
  2. Communicating inoculation and visa requirements for travel
  3. Embassy referral
  4. Legal referral and appointments with lawyers
  5. Vaccination and travel health advice ( include vaccination requirements, infectious diseases common in destinations, food and water safety, and tips on staying healthy while abroad)
  6. Accommodation arrangement and hotel reservation.
  7. Cultural Tours.
  8. Air-Ticketing
  9. Transportation and car rental.
  10. Conference and business meeting arrangement.


  1. LTD is able to provide guidance for travelers who faced health problems whilst abroad, including:


  1. Hotel visit or house call
  2. Outpatient treatment and specialist consultations
  3. Delivery of medications
  4. Inpatient treatment
  5. Arranging return of children to the country of permanent residence that found themselves unattended abroad:
  6. An attendance of a patient’s relatives in case of hospitalization whilst abroad,
  7. Hotel accommodation for relatives of an admitted patient
  8. Information on vaccination in Russia and abroad
  9. Cost Containment