Medical Assistance Services

 AWAS  provides a comprehensive, integrated, assistance offering to support the medical and travel assistance needs of business travelers, expatriates and local nationals located in BULGARIA travelers and exatriates in GREECE, CYPRUS, TURKEY, EGYPT, TUNISIA,  and the countries of MIDDLE EAST.
The service, available 24/7, provides a single point of contact to gain immediate access to expertise, advice and help on the ground.

AWAS .LTD service provides immediate access to health facilities, including:


24/7 Medical Call Center
Highly Qualified medical coordinators at AWAS LTD  Assistance Call-Center are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


House Calls, Medications Delivery
Provide Experienced and trained doctors and paramedics to look after Clinic in remote areas as camps, house, Rigs and Construction site which present specific health risk to workers in the area


Medical Transportation/Medical Evacuation.

AWAS.LTD is capable to arrange a medical transportation worldwide. Depending on the medical situation and the place of stay transportation can be arranged by ground ambulance, regular flight under supervision of a nurse/ doctor, air ambulance or commercial aircraft (specific regions)


Repatriations of Mortal Remains
In case of death AWAS Group arrange repatriation of mortal remains to the place of the permanent residence


Hospital admission

AWAS.LTD is your primary contact for hospital admission and medical referral services. The simplified process offers quick and easy access to a wide range of medical facilities and specialists across EUROP AND MIDDEL EAST .


Provide complete medical reports.

 AWAS.LTD delivers more efficient ways of managing and delivering medical   reporting, screening, rehabilitation and diagnostic services, in relation to personal injury claims


Nursing service.

AWAS.LTD can provide nursing homes with the most extensive care a person can get outside a hospital. Nursing homes offer help with custodial care — like bathing, getting dressed, and eating — as well as skilled care. Skilled nursing care is given by a registered nurse and includes medical monitoring and treatments.


Medical translation service

AWAS .LTD provides Professional medical translation service to patients, Medical translations are available in the most commonly spoken languages – Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Polish, Russian, and Swedish. We realize the value of your information and treat it with strict confidentiality.




Medical advice and referrals to doctors, specialists, clinics, dentists and other medical service providers

AWAS .LTD provides referrals to specialists who have the training, facilities, and technology to provide the best possible care.


Pre-employment medical examination & occupational health.

AWAS.LTD offers the pre-employment examination which mainly determine whether an individual is fit to perform his or her job without risk to himself or others.

This is also conceptualized within the practice of occupational medicine – it is assumed that the examiner is required to have detailed knowledge of both working and health conditions


 Arrangement of International medical appointments and referrals

AWAS.LTD works with healthcare providers worldwide to provide care for the international patients, and healthcare initiatives – with a focus on providing the highest quality transparent healthcare.


 Medical second opinions

AWAS.LTD provide the second medical  opinion from the leaders of Cardiac Sciences, Oncology, Transplants, IVF, Joints and Neuro-Surgery among others. The platform brings best of the BULGARIA   and international clinician to address your healthcare needs.


Management of international medical cases

AWAS.LTD facilitates recommended medical treatment ,case assessment and medical evaluation plans to assure the appropriate medical care is provided to disabled, ill or injured individuals worldwide.


Medical Training

AWAS.LTD with the cooperation of European Resuscitation Council   offer a variety of medical trainings like BTLS & ATLS and pediatric life support.



Cost containment

AWAS.LTD offers a standard routine business processes that can help to reduce unnecessary and duplicative transaction costs and thus reduce overall health care expenditures.


Guarantee of payment.

Ensure the secure payments to health facilities worldwide, investigating for fraud cases, and control of quality and services offered by all providers.


Medicine Dispatch

Arrange and manage Emergency Medical Shipment worldwide.