AWAS Assistance is involved and dedicated  to delivering quality and Affordable Healthcare to people from World Over coming to Tunisia in need of Medical Care and specialty treatment. AWAS Medical Tourism Assistance is actively involved in helping patients to come to EUROP AND MIDDEL EAST  and avail its world class Medical Facilities.

AWAS.LTD is working in association with all leading hospitals in EUROP AND MIDDEL EAST and provides finest healthcare facilities.

AWAS.LTD committed to become one of the top brands known for assisting medical travel .

Our Medical Tourism Services are:


  1. Information about the medical service:


  • Detailed information about the identified potential procedure/treatment 

(e.g. information about the standard procedure and alternatives, the potential complications/risks, general treatment and risk statistics, pre and post treatment issues the medical tourism traveler should be made aware of, number of nights to be expected in hospital and recommended number of night staying in the country of treatment post treatment)

  • Detailed information about the specialist(s)/surgeon(s) suggested by the hospital for the procedure/treatment (e.g. education, specialties, experience including years in practice and number of procedures/treatments performed)
  • Detailed information the hospital (e.g. specialties, facilities, accreditations, service guarantees, complaints policy/procedures, languages supported in the hospital)
  • Treatment options in Tunisia
  • Information about medical service providers in the medical tourism travelers home country that can be used for consultation before and after the treatment if and when required.
  • Information about medical tourism travel insurance (covering complications post treatment)
  • Information about the initial medical procedure/treatment quote


In addition to the initial medical service quote the system will provide indicative costing for accommodation and travel costs enabling the  medical tourism traveler to evaluate if the total medical tourism trip cost will be within their budget.


  1. Interaction between the medical tourism traveler and the selected hospital’s medical assessment team(s):
  • Giving the hospital’s medical assessment team the opportunity to validate/correct the initial system quote (based on the medical tourism patients medical history information)
  • Providing the medical tourism patient with a validated final quote for the  medical service (based on the patients actual family and medical history)
  • Scheduling and agreeing to a hospital admission date.


  1. Information about accommodation including:
  • Logistical support such as transport and accommodation
  • Visa Assistance
  • Travel Assistance



  1. Information about airfare including:
  • Providing information about selected itinerary (e.g. airline, booking class and number of stops, number of passengers)
  • Providing information about the cost of flights (in line with the patients personal preferences)
  • Providing information about the cost of general travel insurance 


  1. Information about optional concierge services including:
  • Providing  the cost of possible optional services (e.g. airport transfer, sightseeing & shopping trips)
  • Providing financing and payment plans if the medical tourism traveler need to obtain finance for the total cost of the medical Medical tourism trip.
  • Security services especially in Middle East for travelers, or expatriates.